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The Randy Moss Lawsuit/TSO some info & my view

Posted on: January 19, 2008 10:13 pm

Ok Guys I have been bad (already) as I promised a post days ago but I have been sick. I wanted to post a little bit about the whole Randy Moss thing. Here is some interesting info posted on the Boston Herald:

The mysterious Florida woman Patriots [team stats] superstar receiver Randy Moss alleges threatened to go public with what he claims are bogus abuse charges unless he gave her $500,000 has a history of financial desperation, the Herald has learned.

Three separate landlords have attempted to kick Rachelle Washington, 35, to the curb over non-payment of rent - as recently as last month, according to sources and Broward County court records obtained by the Herald.

The woman from whom Washington rents her current condominium in Fort Lauderdale, where she claims Moss, 30, injured her physically and mentally with “reckless and degrading conduct” on Jan. 6, last month served her a three-day notice to pay up or get out, sources told the Herald, but Washington came up with the money in time to remain a tenant.

In December 2002, an exasperated Giovanna Pipia, owner of the Town View Apartments in Hollywood, initiated formal tenant eviction proceedings against Washington, whom she claimed was in arrears for $990 on her $190-per-week rent and utilities.

“I have been as understanding as humanly possible, but I have my own commitments and responsibilities regarding running my apartment complex,” Pipia wrote Broward County Judge Sharon L. Zeller in a Sept. 11, 2002, letter.

“I cannot pay Bills and mortgages on just words and promises,” Pipia wrote. “I am only asking that she pays what is due in order to remain at Town View Apartments.”

At the time, Washington had applied for and received financial aid from the county to help her with a portion of her rent, according to information in court records.

Hoping to stay her eviction, Washington wrote the court saying she had begun work at a boutique and had asked her sister to move in to help defray expenses.

In June 2005 Felicia Albu, manager of the Monroe Apartments in Hollywood, served Washington a tenant eviction notice, complaining in court records that Washington was delinquent for a little more than $700 back rent.

Both cases were ultimately dismissed for lack of prosecution.
Now this information in itself does not mean she did not get hurt or that something did not go wrong but I thought it was odd for Randy Moss’ rep to come right out and admit that they offered her 100K and she turned it down. By all accounts it was a finger injury, with negative X-Rays, so how could she possible have pain & suffering worth more than 100K?
I just feel that Randy seemed to be very forthcoming in his interview and the more information that is uncovered the more it seems to be a minor incident blown up for finical gain.
Please don’t get me wrong, I feel very strongly about domestic violence, but I also feel very strongly about people who abuse the restraining order process. Around here, most TSO are issued, by simply filling out the paper work and a 1 or 2-minute interview with the clerk. The beginning of the process is very one-sided. How they do it FL, I don’t know, but I thought it was odd that she did not have to describe in detail what happen. I also think it strange that she claimed not to know what he did for a living? This process can save someone life but it can be abused. Ok that’s all I have for now on this issue. BruLover

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Posted on: January 24, 2008 9:31 pm

The Randy Moss Lawsuit/TSO some info & my view

I hear ya. Now I want to know your prediction for the Superbowl.

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